Custom Panty


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For so long I will wear the panties for you

Here you can select different options for the underwear. For example if you select pee in panties, I will pee them for you.

For example if you want a video of me peeing in them or soiling or masturbate (If you’ve choosen the Orgasm in panties option) them you can choose this option

If you have a special wish, you can add an amount here on what extra you would pay. For example if you want that I shoot with specific clothes, then send me the link of that item and enter here the price of it, so I can buy it. The price entered is in ā‚¬

You can write here your special requests and wishes. For example if you want me to wear a special kind of panty which I don’t have in my shop. You can post me the link to the panties and tip me the amount of what they would cost. Then I will order them and wear them for you. You can also write here a short script, if you’ve selected the video option.

Delivery time: 1-2 Weeks